Ohio Shorebirds

As summer winds down here in Ohio, I prepare to switch into a different type of photography, landscapes.  But before fall actually arrives according the calendar, one of the things I like to do this time of year is to photograph shorebirds.  Normally a good location for shorebirds is the Conneaut sand spit located in extreme north east Ohio.  I made a visit to this location a couple weeks ago for the first time in several years.  Not sure why but for some reason I will go years between visits at certain locations.  Unless of course there is something really good there.

Things were kind of slow at the sand spit but I did manage some decent shots in some great light before the clouds rolled in 2 hours later.  My favorite thing to do with shorebirds is to photograph them from a a low angle.  It really changes the perspective of things.   I like to use my Skimmer Pod whenever possible and I know I won’t be shooting in the water as the pools up at this location would be deep enough to submerge my lens using the Skimmer Pod.

Greater Yellowlegs preening in the morning light

When I can’t use my Skimmer Pod as in these photos I like to splay my tripod out as low as I can go without submerging my camera into the water.  I’m sure I am a sight to see.  🙂

Semipalmated Plover in mid stride

Something about being partially submerged in water and/or mud really appeals to me. Call me crazy.  Most people probably do.  🙂

Lesser Yellowlegs much like the Greater but…lesser or smaller. 🙂

For most of these guys there next stop will be Florida or even parts in South America as I have come to learn for some species.  Pretty remarkable journey these guys make from the high Arctic to parts south.  One day, I hope to be able to visit them on their breeding ground up in Alaska.

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